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September 17, 1999
UK gangsters go for Hollywood gold

October 12, 1999
MP3 groups trade new music for hacker status

December 27, 1999
Hotel infiltration for fun, profit, and victory

August 12, 1999
The selling of Billy Blanks

September 14, 1999
An American in the firing line

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The geek sex underground
A friend who works the usual 90-hour week down in Silicon Valley keeps complaining that he can't meet sexy, interesting women. Computer people, he says, "have no sex lives. The guys are socially dysfunctional," and the female engineers "sexless and dreary." Deciding these drones must do something for kicks, I started investigating.
Mike Patton on arena rock, porno, and intelligent music
August 12, 1999
August 11, 1999
August 3, 1999
Bad-ass goddess of the night
December 17, 1999
Parental neglect, Hollywood style
December 13, 1999
Self-defense devices
August 18, 1999