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September 17, 1999
UK gangsters go for Hollywood gold

December 1, 1999
Postering with the posse in London town

November 2, 1999
Urban explorers go wherever they're not wanted

September 23, 1999
Welcome to the wacky world of film rating

November 4, 1999
The demise of genes in human evolution

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And you thought Tiny Tim's nuptials were weird
Marriage is a universal institution. Just about every culture practices it in one form or another, from plain ol' monogamy to baroque variants of polyandry and polygamy. But no matter how widespread the practice, the actual process of tying the knot can be pretty strange.
Hollywood couples to watch
November 8, 1999
Meanwhile, liberals take on the small issues
August 17, 1999
The tangled web of
September 7, 1999
How to get your freak on when visiting your family
November 24, 1999
Wes Craven on human behavior, Sophocles, and westerns
December 16, 1999
Stock up on Chi in time for the millennium!
November 5, 1999