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November 2, 1999
Urban explorers go wherever they're not wanted

October 7, 1999
Fans fight freshened format

December 7, 1999
New movie builds controversy on the Net

November 18, 1999
William Gibson is still 15 minutes ahead

October 4, 1999
Who killed Stanley Kubrick?

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Those who can't do, fake it at the Air Guitar Championships
Any idiot can play the air guitar. It doesn't take nimble fingers or a good ear -- heck, it doesn't even take a guitar. But with a little showmanship and a complete lack of shame, you can still become the World Air Guitar Champion.
Meg Lee Chin holds her own
November 22, 1999
Candy for masochists
October 29, 1999
What we found in Tina's trash
August 6, 1999
Because acting your age gets old
August 9, 1999
No aces served here
September 28, 1999
Female condoms and the coming Brazilian bonk-fest
October 21, 1999