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September 13, 1999
Ruthless guerillas commit suicide for independence

September 24, 1999
Conquering the world through rock musicals

October 7, 1999
Fans fight freshened format

August 2, 1999
The Church of Euthanasia's modest proposal

September 20, 1999
Ross Jeffries in his own words

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Intersexuality in the S. Pacific and around the world
It's a girl!" Ulung Sakmala and his wife Sriwati were pleased with the genitalia of their first child, born 11 months ago in the West Javan village of Sukadamai, Indonesia. "Let's call her Triwulan!" The girl's parents bestowed a charming, feminine name upon the tot, and inserted tiny gold earrings into her earlobes.
Filmmaker takes script and runs with it
December 28, 1999
The ongoing irony of a 'peace' festival generating mayhem
August 10, 1999
Modern piracy on the high seas
October 22, 1999
Coprophagia for dummies
August 12, 1999
Caligula returns
October 25, 1999
Get tanked for the holidays
December 3, 1999