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September 21, 1999
Intersexuality in the S. Pacific and around the world

November 4, 1999
The demise of genes in human evolution

September 24, 1999
Verily I say unto you, your mouth shall be filled with gold

May 15, 2000 launched with no plan, no ads, no marketing, no nothing. It failed. But one of its founders had a pretty good time.

October 22, 1999
Modern piracy on the high seas

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Relive the Cold War through 'atomic tourism'
Sure, you watched the Cold War on television growing up. And you've probably seen the world blow itself to thermonuclear bits at least a dozen times in the movies. Maybe you thought those thrilling days of yesteryear, when we lived on the nuclear knife-edge, were long gone.
The new Hollywood breed
November 17, 1999
Meanwhile, liberals take on the small issues
August 17, 1999
August 4, 1999
Male love at midnight
November 18, 1999
An interview with Soul Coughing's M. Doughty
October 7, 1999
Two self-possessed videogames
December 10, 1999