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September 13, 1999
Ruthless guerillas commit suicide for independence

August 20, 1999
Large-scale culinary disasters of the past

September 9, 1999
He married Lolita, brought us Blade Runner, and now...

November 23, 1999
Shock jock fights divorce news site

December 8, 1999
Bioengineers monkey around with your body parts

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Bob Zmuda on Andy Kaufman's legacy
When the Andy Kaufman biopic Man on the Moon hits theaters in December, there's going to be a new name on moviegoers' lips: Tony Clifton. Sure, the pre-release hype is focused on Jim Carrey, but it's the promise of "Tony Clifton as himself" that should be getting the buzz.
Maxim holiday party: plenty of ice, not much fire
December 16, 1999
Step aside, Austin Powers
January 7, 2000
When doctors try to fix what ain’t broke
July 27, 1999
August 20, 1999
A celebration and contemplation
October 7, 1999
Strange obsession of the fansubbers
September 22, 1999