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September 23, 1999
Stan Lee in cyberspace

July 30, 1999
Testing the limits of self-expression

September 16, 1999
For them, 'gays in the military' is a necessity

December 8, 1999
Bioengineers monkey around with your body parts

August 5, 1999
Crackpots, conspiracies, and how
they amuse us

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How to hypnotize women and feel like a winner!
That's right, you too can hypnotize hot babes and lure them to your lair where they will service your every sexual desire. Just follow the instructions of self-titled "Chairman of the Broads," Ross Jeffries, founder of the method known as Speed Seduction, and you'll have women obeying your every command.
Wes Craven on human behavior, Sophocles, and westerns
December 16, 1999
The latest in flying diversions
September 13, 1999
This week: Floppy Disks for Assholes
November 24, 1999
How to avenge yourself against human rabbits and other dorks
September 9, 1999
From the attic of Allen Ginsberg
October 4, 1999
The most modern of sex toys
September 27, 1999