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October 7, 1999
Fans fight freshened format

August 24, 1999
Adolescent antics are making a splash in SoCal

September 3, 1999
Free speech simply isn't profitable

September 17, 1999
UK gangsters go for Hollywood gold

November 9, 1999
Death at Disneyland

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Hacking into hazardous realms
In one of the best lines in last summer's hit film The Blair Witch Project, a lost film student tries to cheer her colleagues, reminding them that the forest they are passing through will inevitably give way to a highway or subdivision.
Goodbye England's ruse
August 30, 1999
How to piss off The Man online
September 7, 1999
This week: Portals and personal ads
August 18, 1999
A surgical solution for the loosest of ladies
August 2, 1999
John K. gives us what we want
December 21, 1999
Following Fight Club's recipe for fun and profit
November 11, 1999