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August 5, 1999
Crackpots, conspiracies, and how
they amuse us

August 18, 1999
How US scientists nurture deadly pathogens

October 12, 1999
MP3 groups trade new music for hacker status

November 18, 1999
Weird Al's not so weird after all

August 27, 1999
Those who can't do, fake it at the Air Guitar Championships

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A boy and his software
Sweden isn't necessarily the first place that comes to mind when Americans think about European cool. After all, it's the country that gave birth to the seventies schmalz-pop band ABBA, the group responsible for enshrining the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo in a similarly-titled million-seller.
Don't believe the hype
November 11, 1999
The iToilet encourages you to 'shit different'
October 22, 1999
Tracking the Antichrist
October 11, 1999
Erotic Comic Strip
December 3, 1999
John K. gives us what we want
December 21, 1999
Strange obsession of the fansubbers
September 22, 1999