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September 7, 1999
The tangled web of

October 22, 1999
Robotic pets for the rest of us

November 4, 1999
The demise of genes in human evolution

November 17, 1999
Recent deaths contradict Breatharians' claims

December 20, 1999
Rebels with a Claus

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Bouncing toward Bethlehem
Samir Keishk -- Sammy to the multitudes who shop Pride Superette, his neighborhood convenience store in San Francisco -- is sitting on roughly 1,500 pounds of rubber band ball. Between sales, he adds pound after pound to it, day in and day out.
Humility hunting in the world of Ben
July 27, 1999
Drag queens go domestic
January 12, 2000
An interview with Tim Cridland
December 29, 1999
Erotic comic strip
December 10, 1999
Parental neglect, Hollywood style
December 13, 1999
Those who can't do, fake it at the Air Guitar Championships
August 27, 1999