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August 3, 1999
The most promiscuous meme on the Net

August 23, 1999
Market volatility takes on a whole new meaning

October 14, 1999
An interview with Chuck Palahniuk

December 30, 1999
A boy and his software

July 27, 1999
Long live journalism

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UK gangsters go for Hollywood gold
The latest attraction in the Cool Britannia theme park is hardened criminals. In the wake of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, no fewer than seven movies about the UK underworld are currently in production; Tricky is set to release a spoken word album featuring the cream of the crims; and former denizens of gangland are lining up to capitalize on their new-found celebrity status.
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November 12, 1999
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January 20, 2000
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October 25, 1999
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December 22, 1999
Protecting child actors from themselves
October 6, 1999
I lost 80 pounds -- twice!
August 31, 1999