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November 18, 1999
William Gibson is still 15 minutes ahead

September 23, 1999
Stan Lee in cyberspace

November 4, 1999
The demise of genes in human evolution

October 11, 1999
On the road with Mike Watt

October 7, 1999
Fans fight freshened format

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Verily I say unto you, your mouth shall be filled with gold
Youth Pastor Nathan Sandford sounds like he's been on a really mind-blowing acid trip. It's all about God and dentistry. "I was freaking out," he said, recollecting what it was like to witness the divine miracle of a gold filling spontaneously appearing in someone's teeth.
Belgian filmmakers talk waffles
November 5, 1999
Untouchables and incurables, but perfectly wearable
October 20, 1999
Sometimes, the most dangerous game is showing up
September 8, 1999
Let's hear it for creative knitting
October 19, 1999
Protecting child actors from themselves
October 6, 1999
Rogue operative challenges the idea of military intelligence
August 26, 1999