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November 18, 1999
William Gibson is still 15 minutes ahead

November 23, 1999
Shock jock fights divorce news site

July 26, 1999
Punk rock in the ring

August 26, 1999
Tripping through the stars with the horniest guru

December 8, 1999
Bioengineers monkey around with your body parts

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There are plenty of eerie facts you've never heard about the siege
OPEN THE CHART. "GettingIt's Take" comes from several sources: the Emmy-winning film, Waco: The Rules of Engagement, long nights spent viewing the Senate Subcommittee hearings that were held in 1995, and Steve Robles' over-stimulated and opinionated brain.
Another bowl, Mister Rogers?
October 18, 1999
Strange obsession of the fansubbers
September 22, 1999
Crackpots, conspiracies, and how
they amuse us
August 5, 1999
Coprophagia for dummies
August 12, 1999
Shrill star faces fans
August 23, 1999
Robotic pets for the rest of us
October 22, 1999