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September 21, 1999
Intersexuality in the S. Pacific and around the world

August 23, 1999
Or: Do as I say, not as I did

November 4, 1999
Our mystery date with Mahir

December 2, 1999
David Sedaris calls it like he sees it

August 12, 1999
The selling of Billy Blanks

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In the poorest countries of the world, kidneys mean cash
Hey there, First Worlder. Worried about bodily decay. If you're starting to notice the effects of beer, grease and couch-potatohood on your longevity potential, no need to brood. Emaciated slum-dwellers the world over are eager to sell the body parts you need to maintain your gluttonous Western existence as long as humanly possible.
Weird Al's not so weird after all
November 18, 1999
Drag queens go domestic
January 12, 2000
Fans fight freshened format
October 7, 1999
Fourteen rated rubbers
October 21, 1999
Diane Farr on romance, Loveline, and stained penises
September 1, 1999
July 30, 1999