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October 22, 1999
Robotic pets for the rest of us

January 20, 2000
Bouncing toward Bethlehem

August 5, 1999
Crackpots, conspiracies, and how
they amuse us

August 27, 1999
Those who can't do, fake it at the Air Guitar Championships

November 18, 1999
William Gibson is still 15 minutes ahead

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Weird Al's not so weird after all
Preparing to speak with "Weird Al" Yankovic, you anticipate surrealistic, brazen lunacy, with perhaps polka dancers and midgets cavorting in the background. So when I talk to Al two days before his 40th birthday, I am taken with his...
Music videos and metaphysics shaped her destiny
July 29, 1999
A smoker's guide to social subversion and civic disobedience
September 28, 1999
This week: Porn for Assholes
December 8, 1999
Lolita revisited
December 6, 1999
Rivalry surrounds the Teletubbies' throne
September 24, 1999
Starve your mites for an easy sleep
October 11, 1999