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August 18, 1999
How US scientists nurture deadly pathogens

December 2, 1999
David Sedaris calls it like he sees it

September 9, 1999
He married Lolita, brought us Blade Runner, and now...

August 30, 1999
Strange recordings hold the secret of the afterlife

November 1, 1999
Thirty-five years after Bell's Theorem

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Strange obsession of the fansubbers
They're overblown and oversexed, but they're not over here. Japanese cartoon features can be so hard to find in translation that anime has spawned its own underground. They call themselves fansubbers -- fans who create and trade grassroots subtitled videos.
Natasha Lyonne talks about KISS and her new film
August 11, 1999
Rival classic car rallies lead to a religious rumble
August 6, 1999
It's not just about Halloween anymore
October 18, 1999
Erotic comic strip
August 13, 1999
Debi Mazar on acting, hip hop, and porn
November 4, 1999
Big money's at stake over psychic talking deli meat
August 17, 1999