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September 24, 1999
Conquering the world through rock musicals

September 13, 1999
Ruthless guerillas commit suicide for independence

September 15, 1999
Five hours with Russ Meyer

October 22, 1999
Modern piracy on the high seas

August 18, 1999
How US scientists nurture deadly pathogens

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Scope launched with no plan, no ads, no marketing, no nothing. It failed. But one of its founders had a pretty good time.
"Do you do drugs?" Things had been going swimmingly up until this point. I had never been asked anything like this on a job interview before, and wasn't quite sure how to proceed. Oh sure, I'd know exactly what to say were I interviewing at, say, Wells Fargo.
Shrill star faces fans
August 23, 1999
Why did the Times drop dissidents into knickers?
November 16, 1999
Diseases of the dead and infectious
December 9, 1999
Erotic comic strip
January 21, 2000
Kirk Douglas, Judy Garland, Jerry Hall, and more
December 17, 1999
More police on the street -- more kids in jail
August 16, 1999