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October 22, 1999
Modern piracy on the high seas

October 22, 1999
Robotic pets for the rest of us

August 3, 1999
The most promiscuous meme on the Net

October 11, 1999
On the road with Mike Watt

October 28, 1999
Bob Zmuda on Andy Kaufman's legacy

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An American in the firing line
The following dispatch comes from an anonymous election observer who was stationed in East Timor during the recent vote on independence. Until he leaves the area, he cannot reveal his identity. Our man is currently out of harm's way in Bali, but he intends to go back in the line of fire to examine the refugee situation in West Timor.
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January 19, 2000
Free speech simply isn't profitable
September 3, 1999
Milton William Cooper in space
December 6, 1999
Lunch with Al Goldstein
December 9, 1999
The legacy of Roger Miller
August 3, 1999
Crime fighting legislators tuck in the underwear
September 2, 1999