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December 27, 1999
Hotel infiltration for fun, profit, and victory

November 19, 1999
Wrestling boot camp

November 1, 1999
Thirty-five years after Bell's Theorem

September 3, 1999
Free speech simply isn't profitable

January 20, 2000
Bouncing toward Bethlehem

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Pastor Steve on Christian polygamy
Happily married Born Again Christian living in Washington but soon to be living in the Philippines. I'm pleasant to look at and pleasant to be with and seek same in a second wife. If you have a dear sister in Christ from which you do not wish to part I would consider marrying a second and third wife at the same timeā€¦I will treat you with much tenderness.
Tim Roth on film violence and growing older
December 9, 1999
Power kites race the wind
November 12, 1999
The true meaning of necrotechnology
December 10, 1999
Excerpted erotic fiction
August 18, 1999
Shock jock fights divorce news site
November 23, 1999
Mary Tyler Moore for the '90s?
August 10, 1999