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September 17, 1999
UK gangsters go for Hollywood gold

October 14, 1999
An interview with Chuck Palahniuk

July 26, 1999
How Andy Kaufman saved pro wrestling

October 11, 1999
On the road with Mike Watt

September 13, 1999
Ruthless guerillas commit suicide for independence

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Conquering the world through rock musicals
Two transsexual terrorists plotting world domination. They turn up in Cyberotica!, the provocative new rock musical about a transvestite chat room. The theatrical performances also feature a horny female FBI agent whose pursuit of sleaze has, even in her personal life, left her "Looking for a pervert." And somewhere in the mix, there's a giant Teletubby.
High fashion feeds off the streets
August 11, 1999
Long live journalism
July 27, 1999
This week: Anonymity for Assholes
September 22, 1999
Let's hear it for creative knitting
October 19, 1999
Paul Reubens, Jesse Ventura, Mark Wahlberg, and more
October 8, 1999
Power kites race the wind
November 12, 1999