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November 4, 1999
Our mystery date with Mahir

November 9, 1999
Death at Disneyland

October 28, 1999
Bob Zmuda on Andy Kaufman's legacy

July 27, 1999
Long live journalism

August 20, 1999
Large-scale culinary disasters of the past

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New album erases the singer to rewrite history
Well, I suppose I was always going to stick up for the singer. "Tell us a story about Frank know him, tell us a story." And the editor says, "Stick something in the article personal like you did for those other articles you wrote." Every band needs one person to be the jerk who wades into the sewage -- who's not even HAPPY until it gets neck high.
Drop Dead Gorgeous director finds an easy target in beauty pageants
July 27, 1999
...the federal government kills people
January 4, 2000
September 17, 1999
As good as the real thing?
October 5, 1999
Gary Coleman, Rob Zombie, Britney Spears and more...
July 30, 1999
Web-based stereos and... washing machines?
December 17, 1999