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September 22, 1999
Strange obsession of the fansubbers

September 15, 1999
Five hours with Russ Meyer

October 25, 1999
Relive the Cold War through 'atomic tourism'

August 23, 1999
Market volatility takes on a whole new meaning

August 18, 1999
Getting high with The Simpsons

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David Sedaris calls it like he sees it
He is Garrison Keillor's evil twin, Mark Twain on acid, Raymond Carver gone gay, a kind and screwball Truman Capote. An astute distiller of '90s Americana, radio essayist and short story writer David Sedaris has a way of slicing through the subcutaneous crap of day-to-day life with sharp and sometimes brutal insight.
Seduced by a Russian tennis vixen
November 9, 1999
Self-defense devices
August 18, 1999
September 14, 1999
Pyrophiles play Prometheus with their peckers
December 13, 1999
An antidote to Hollywood's puritanical tendencies
September 8, 1999
An American in the firing line
September 14, 1999