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January 5, 2000
What is freedom worth to you?

September 22, 1999
Strange obsession of the fansubbers

December 27, 1999
Hotel infiltration for fun, profit, and victory

October 4, 1999
Who killed Stanley Kubrick?

August 26, 1999
Tripping through the stars with the horniest guru

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What is freedom worth to you?
Wars, famine, genocide, torture, mutilation, abuse of women and children -- the bewildering array of human rights catastrophes around the world is enough to stymie any neophyte Samaritan. What crisis has the best claim on your money and time.
Diane Farr on romance, Loveline, and stained penises
September 1, 1999
Gadgets to make you even more beautiful
August 20, 1999
Grow your own genitals, tiny footballers, and more
November 30, 1999
The fright of facing more than a mouthful
August 27, 1999
Debi Mazar on acting, hip hop, and porn
November 4, 1999
Ultramodern recording options
August 23, 1999