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October 4, 1999
Who killed Stanley Kubrick?

December 7, 1999
New movie builds controversy on the Net

October 7, 1999
Fans fight freshened format

September 23, 1999
Welcome to the wacky world of film rating

November 19, 1999
Wrestling boot camp

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How Andy Kaufman saved pro wrestling
The stories of sex, violence, and wrestling that have wafted off the set of the recently completed Man on the Moon are worthy of the man who inspired the film. Did Jim Carrey, who stars as visionary wrestler Andy Kaufman, really put actress Courtney Love in a "Boston Crab" hold for refusing to share her dope with him.
A brush with fame in Xian
November 4, 1999
Two out of three gifts that promote tooth decay
November 22, 1999
Making art out of body parts
July 29, 1999
How to do it
October 8, 1999
The new Hollywood breed
November 17, 1999
Columbine cheerleaders aim to raise teen spirit
September 21, 1999