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July 26, 1999
How Andy Kaufman saved pro wrestling

August 5, 1999
Crackpots, conspiracies, and how
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September 15, 1999
Five hours with Russ Meyer

August 2, 1999
The Church of Euthanasia's modest proposal

October 28, 1999
Bob Zmuda on Andy Kaufman's legacy

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MP3 groups trade new music for hacker status
The new Foo Fighters album is out. Not in your local Tower Records, of course -- it's not supposed to be released for another three weeks. But so what. The new album is already available for nothing, thanks to the new wave of homebrew piracy: organized MP3 "groups" dedicated to free trade online.
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December 21, 1999
Wrestling boot camp
November 19, 1999
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July 29, 1999
Latex and leather in L.A.
October 29, 1999
How Andy Kaufman saved pro wrestling
July 26, 1999
Christmas cell phone hit could ace out Hamster Dance
December 20, 1999