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August 18, 1999
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January 5, 2000
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August 20, 1999
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August 3, 1999
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September 9, 1999
He married Lolita, brought us Blade Runner, and now...

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New movie builds controversy on the Net
Late last night Jay Stile posted a video clip on his Web site. The clip was unremarkable in terms of production values, the story line was pretty basic, and I, for one, found the lighting lacking. But by lunchtime today, Stile was experiencing heavy traffic (he won't be sure how much until he can look at his stats tomorrow) and was getting snowed under by a tide of angry email.
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August 10, 1999
July 30, 1999
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December 2, 1999
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October 8, 1999
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August 25, 1999
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October 12, 1999