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December 30, 1999
A boy and his software

October 11, 1999
On the road with Mike Watt

January 5, 2000
What is freedom worth to you?

August 24, 1999
Adolescent antics are making a splash in SoCal

January 6, 2000
Sex-crazed, psychotic clowns

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Turks and Kurds pose food for thought
Turkey is brutally stomping towards the 21st century as arguably the world's most xenophobic, genocidal, and unrepentant nation of the 1900s. Other contenders (Germany, Japan, Russia, Iraq, Serbia, Rwanda, Indonesia, South Africa, China, USA, UK, France, Guatemala, Israel, etc.) have either reformed their atrocious behavior, or their crimes pale in comparison.
In love with a rock star
November 29, 1999
Florida wages war on underage smokers
September 27, 1999
Thirty-five years after Bell's Theorem
November 1, 1999
One giant leap for porn
October 26, 1999
How Lewinsky fought evil, then got fat
August 4, 1999
Did Frontline exploit the teens of Conyers, Georgia?
October 26, 1999