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November 23, 1999
Let the deadsploitation begin

July 26, 1999
Punk rock in the ring

September 7, 1999
The tangled web of

October 22, 1999
Robotic pets for the rest of us

September 17, 1999
UK gangsters go for Hollywood gold

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Let the deadsploitation begin
It seemed the last remnants of Dana Plato's celebrity had finally been picked clean by the scandal-hungry media when she died in May. According to People magazine, "[T]he lovable star of Diff'rent Stokes grew up to be a petty crook, an addict, an alcoholic and, with her death at age 34, a Hollywood casualty." The New York Daily News added that by the early '90s "she was spending most of her time playing the nickel slots in Las Vegas after she was turned down for a $6-an-hour job picking up garbage and cleaning bathrooms." But in the last month of her life, Dana struck an even more unlikely business relationship with Shane Bugbee, a 31-year-old Chicago-based promoter, which ensured her continued infamy after death.
Don't believe the hype
November 11, 1999
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July 29, 1999
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November 22, 1999
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December 14, 1999
Drop Dead Gorgeous director finds an easy target in beauty pageants
July 27, 1999
Tom Waits, Jad Fair & Kramer, PantyChrist, Inger Lorre
August 31, 1999