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August 24, 1999
Adolescent antics are making a splash in SoCal

November 23, 1999
Let the deadsploitation begin

August 30, 1999
Strange recordings hold the secret of the afterlife

November 23, 1999
Shock jock fights divorce news site

January 6, 2000
Sex-crazed, psychotic clowns

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A boy and his software
Sweden isn't necessarily the first place that comes to mind when Americans think about European cool. After all, it's the country that gave birth to the seventies schmalz-pop band ABBA, the group responsible for enshrining the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo in a similarly-titled million-seller.
From the attic of Allen Ginsberg
October 4, 1999
Movie stars, drug dealing, and the LAPD
August 9, 1999
Making art out of body parts
July 29, 1999
August 6, 1999
How Canadians face the end of the world
November 3, 1999
Inside the world of football prognostication
September 1, 1999