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November 4, 1999
Our mystery date with Mahir

November 9, 1999
Death at Disneyland

October 15, 1999
In the poorest countries of the world, kidneys mean cash

July 26, 1999
How Andy Kaufman saved pro wrestling

August 17, 1999
Pastor Steve on Christian polygamy

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Our mystery date with Mahir
Who is Mahir Cagri. If you don't know by now, you've got exactly zero Net cred. He likes music, sport, travel, tenis [sic]. He likes... sex. He's the new Tom Cruise of the Internet, the raging Turkish stud clad in a Speedo, the undisputed master of table tennis, accordion-jamming Heathcliff, and the Net's virulent meme du jour.
Chris Rock, Geena Davis, Dennis Rodman and more
August 13, 1999
July 30, 1999
The bombardier beetle and its ass of fire
September 9, 1999
Can the skin mag stay afloat?
November 11, 1999
Celebrity skin art with a half-life
September 28, 1999
Purchases for Friday the 13th
August 13, 1999