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July 26, 1999
How Andy Kaufman saved pro wrestling

December 21, 1999
John K. gives us what we want

January 20, 2000
Bouncing toward Bethlehem

July 27, 1999
When doctors try to fix what ain’t broke

September 15, 1999
There are plenty of eerie facts you've never heard about the siege

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The Church of Euthanasia's modest proposal
What the world needs now is suicide, abortion, cannibalism, and sodomy. That, at least, is the Church of Euthanasia's modest proposal. A tax-exempt "educational foundation" dedicated to the proposition that all men (and women) are created superfluous, the Church has staked its claim on the far fringes of the negative population growth movement.
The 'Hollywood' election
November 3, 1999
The cult for people of color
August 12, 1999
This week: Stalking for Assholes
September 15, 1999
Tips on finding a great lay
January 18, 2000
Inspiration for the suburban housewife
October 5, 1999
Rival classic car rallies lead to a religious rumble
August 6, 1999