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July 27, 1999
When doctors try to fix what ain’t broke

September 20, 1999
Ross Jeffries in his own words

August 2, 1999
The Church of Euthanasia's modest proposal

December 7, 1999
New movie builds controversy on the Net

September 14, 1999
An American in the firing line

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Welcome to the wacky world of film rating
Apart from a record-setting box office, 1999 will go down in history as "the year of the censor" in American cinema. From Spike Lee's Summer of Sam to South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut to American Pie and Eyes Wide Shut, it seems that most of the R-rated box office fare had to undergo some nips and tucks before reaching the multiplex.
Jennifer Love Hewitt, South Park, Dionne Warwick, and more
September 10, 1999
You can finally toss that eye patch
August 5, 1999
What we found in Tina's trash
August 6, 1999
Banging your buddy's bride
August 2, 1999
Romance director has tongues wagging
September 16, 1999
The freshest in beeping fashion accessories
October 15, 1999