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December 2, 1999
Creepy clowns and some stinky shit

July 26, 1999
Punk rock in the ring

August 23, 1999
Market volatility takes on a whole new meaning

September 20, 1999
Ross Jeffries in his own words

August 5, 1999
Crackpots, conspiracies, and how
they amuse us

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George Carlin doesn't give a fuck
With three heart attacks behind him, the most successful hippie stoner comic from the 1970s has cut loose in the 1990s. Carlin's HBO specials have turned into gleeful straightrazor attacks on everything our society holds sacred -- from the cult of physical fitness to the wisdom of free enterprise.
Carnie Wilson surgery gets Webcast
August 10, 1999
ATMs are being rigged with retinal scanners
August 26, 1999
October 7, 1999
Because acting your age gets old
August 9, 1999
An interview with Chuck Palahniuk
October 14, 1999
Heads you win, bodies you lose
October 4, 1999