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September 16, 1999
For them, 'gays in the military' is a necessity

September 20, 1999
Crazy captions bring lawyers

August 23, 1999
Or: Do as I say, not as I did

August 3, 1999
War means action for women, too

August 2, 1999
The Church of Euthanasia's modest proposal

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The Church of Euthanasia's modest proposal
What the world needs now is suicide, abortion, cannibalism, and sodomy. That, at least, is the Church of Euthanasia's modest proposal. A tax-exempt "educational foundation" dedicated to the proposition that all men (and women) are created superfluous, the Church has staked its claim on the far fringes of the negative population growth movement.
I think that I shall never see lovely Pavement poetry
August 19, 1999
Velikovsky and weird astronomy
October 28, 1999
This week: Religion for Assholes
September 8, 1999
What is sexy?
July 24, 2000
Circus freaks, Calista Flockhart, crush videos, and more
August 27, 1999
Grim reaping for fun and profit
October 29, 1999